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So – over the last year, Paul and I have been busying ourselves creating our perfect jobs (oh yes, and creating a sustainable retail business). We’ve been asked a few times now to contribute to blogs and speak at events about business start-ups, working as a husband-wife team and what on earth we were thinking opening a retail business when the high street is so obviously in decline (none of which we’ve done, because quite frankly we haven’t had time for much else other than being in MOOCH in the last 12 months). 

And now, exactly a year since we picked up the keys for our shop on St Giles Street in Northampton, and as we’re heading towards our first birthday, I’ve decided to create a bit of a chronicle of how we got to here – if for no other reason than to take stock a little and remind ourselves of exactly what just happened. Over the next 28 days I’ll share some ramblings on a range of topics. I’m kind of doing it just for us, but I’ll share the musings – just in case anyone is interested. 

Feel free to comment or message me with your thoughts – but please be kind, I’m (generally) quite tired and unable to deal with abuse ;-)


--Rachel (AKA Mrs MOOCH)

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